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Full Support Package

What's the process?

  1. You'll complete a detailed Intake form to tell me your unique sleep story and the challenges you're experiencing. This is a critical piece of our work together. 

  2. Sleep Education Call (60min) to discuss your intake form and offer advice and education on all things normal infant sleep, attachment, sensory, sleep science, temperament, emotions and setting boundaries... and much more! We will create your own personalised sleep road map.This will empower you to try and make minor tweaks and changes over the following week. We would also discuss any red flags that may require referral to a practitioner. An email summary with relevant hand outs is always provided 

  3. Foundations Week allows you the time to make minor changes discussed in our call and to seek any additional medical support that may be required.

  4. Sleep Plan Call (30-45min) to update your personalised sleep roadmap together of the shifts and changes you would like to make and how this can be achieved. 

  5. A month of Sleep Support ensures you are able to contact me as often as you deem necessary via email to discuss progress and challenges experienced, as well as weekly Zoom consults so we can continue to brainstorm ways to work toward your goals. 


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