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There is no one-size-fits all approach with me. All services are bespoke to each unique family

Full Support Package

My most comprehensive support package, where I will walk alongside you as you shift patterns with your babe gently and responsively. We will go through the following process together:


4 Week Support Package

Whilst still offering you all the benefits of the sleep education and sleep road map, this package is for the parent who would prefer to work more independently with only a set number of follow up contacts available. I will ensure you are empowered to shift patterns with your babe gently and responsively.

2 Week Support Package

The perfect 'in between' for the family who needs just a few follow-up consults. This package will suit a younger baby where there are a few challenges and some patterns you may be wanting to shift.


90 Minute Consult

Where only minor changes may be needed to your baby's sleep I offer a once-off call. This is typically best suited to families who only require tips and advice for minor sleep niggles and challenges without additional follow-up support thereafter. 

60 Minute Confidence Call

Typically best suited to parents of newborns, or where support and advice on realistic expectations and how to set up optimal sleep hygiene and rhythms. This once off 45min consult covers sleep shaping, identifying red flags, routines, rhythms and wake windows and setting your babe up for optimal sleep in future. No intake document completed


Prenatal Consult

A 60-min once off consult to discuss what you can realistically expect in the first months postpartum. We will go through normal infant sleep, temperament, sleep shaping, safe infant sleep, as well as what flags to look out for and much much more!

Get in touch

Book a free 15min Clarity Call here. Alternatively, connect with directly to book in support should you already know which service you would like.

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