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"Nicole’s help left me feeling empowered and in control. She made me feel like I was doing such a good job at being a mom.

Nicole has helped me with two of my babies, both very different with very different needs. Her individual help specific to my children’s needs was incredible, kind and gentle. I never had to do anything I did not feel comfortable with nor put my children through unnecessary stress.

Thank you Nicole for helping me and my babies."

- Tori, Mother of 2

"Thank you! Since gaining a better understanding of our boy and his needs, my husband and I have both just been flooded with even more love for him! Something has definitely shifted for us towards ease, softness, and patience, as well as confidence.


Right now we’re not even really thinking about sleep, although have implemented the afternoon nap and shifted bedtime accordingly. I’ve also recommitted to a daily practice of yoga, even if it’s just 10 minutes, and I can already feel the benefits in my body, mind, and ability to live through challenging moments without them triggering me towards anger, frustration, and depression so much. We are both so optimistic."

- J & A, Parents to Sam

"I would just like to say that I am so speechless with how helpful and in detail your consultation is and I am so relieved, grateful and happy to have your assistance with this all. 

So thank you so so much for all of it!"

- Mother of a 9 month old

"Nicole, I can’t tell you how helpful I found the meeting, you are so calming and reassuring and helped to normalise a lot of my concerns.


There was also so much general parenting pearls of wisdom, so so good! "

- Susan, mother to a 15 month old

"Just want to say a massive thank you for all your help. 
We were in a difficult spot with our 17 month old seemingly transitioning from 2 to 1 nap but it was chaos! You helped me trust in myself again and helped us achieve a much more workable and settled sleep.


You are so passionate and caring, and we are so grateful to have had you work with us! Thank you!"

- Ashtyn & Baby H

"I’m trusting myself again so much more and it feels good."

- Ash, mother of a 16 month old
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