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5 Call Support Package

What's the process?

Whilst still offering you all the benefits of the sleep education and sleep plan, this package is for the parent who would prefer to work more independently with only a set number of follow up contacts available. I will ensure you are empowered to shift patterns with your babe gently and responsively. We will go through the following process together:​

  1. Completing a detailed Intake form to tell me your unique sleep story and the challenges you're experiencing. This is a critical piece of our work together. 

  2. Sleep Education Call (90min) to discuss your intake form and offer advice and education on all things normal infant/toddler sleep, attachment, sensory, sleep science, temperament, emotions and setting boundaries and and and. We would also discuss any red flags that may require referral to a practitioner. By the end of this call we will have created your personalised sleep road map, whereby you will feel equipped to start shifting patterns with your babe, based on your family's unique needs and goals. An email summary with relevant hand outs is always provided 

  3. Sleep Support of 4x 30min consults with myself over up to 6months following the 90min consult (these follow-ups can be used as quickly as you prefer, or spaced out depending on your needs); to discuss progress and challenges experienced so we can continue to brainstorm ways to work toward your goals. 


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